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Liner Agency Services

Africamar’s shareholders are among the leading independent liner agencies in Europe and Africa and are therefore able to offer a broad palette of destinations worldwide. They represent a wide range of Liner Principals whose in-house expertise enables them to carry out marketing policies and research, solicit cargo, arrange container traffic, provide good customer service, coordinate delivery of inward-bound shipments and receive outward-bound shipments of cargo.

Our network has unrivalled market coverage delivered through strategically-located offices. Our agents have the skills, local knowledge and expertise to cover shipments in all their forms from containers, Ro-Ro, conventional and break-bulk to project and heavy lifts, systematically providing the best possible solutions in every case.

  • Regional and international trade expertise
  • Well established infrastructure
  • Strong customers relationship
  • Effective market research

Liner Agency Services

Africamar adheres strictly to all ports rules, regulations, and bye-laws.

7, rue Bailli de Suffren
13001 Marseilles / France

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